Configuring SmarterTrack for Your Business

Welcome to SmarterTrack! To get started with your new help desk, you'll first want to log in to the portal. You can do this by clicking the Login button at the top right corner of the portal's main page. After logging in, simply head to the Management Interface by once again clicking on the button in the top right corner — which should now display your portal username — and selecting Management Interface from the drop down menu.

Once logged in, you will have the ability to watch tutorials explaining how to configure SmarterTrack to fit your business' needs. You can also use the SmarterTrack help documentation to read about how to Get Started With SmarterTrack. Finally, SmarterTools offers free training webinars that you may find worthwhile for both SmarterTrack and SmarterMail. Each training session lasts one hour and includes at least 15 minutes of LIVE Q&A with one of our trainers.